Friday, December 31, 2010

Personality that builds China

HI ta jia hao,wo shi abam..
that it is a brief introduction of me in i will go deeper into knowing the friends that help 6 of us when we were in Beijing.

the first one,which i think the most closet to me.her name was shu xing and her english name is sindy.born on 15 November and she is the same age as harry.come from shiangxi which 2000 km from capital city.her father is a officer in broadcasting while her mother is an officer in a educational office.

 For me shu xin is very misunderstood this..haha..she is veery friendly and easy to get along with all of us..but i must admit that she is quite beatiful..wahhh.she has been talking a lot with me about her daily life and damily,life, friends and family and many mores.
 i guess i stop here about shuxin.btw shu xin means happiness.(her parents told her to always be happy in her life)

Next is Song Huimin.we called her ser jia(means senior)..and she often smiling when she heard we called her with that name.her age is around 24years old if i not mistaken.she is senior to shu xin.and will finish the study in jun 2011.she hope that after graduate she will get a job and ive for a few years in beijing and go back to her hometown to work..

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