Sunday, December 5, 2010

kursus ASAS Keusahwanan siswa KAKS

what an enjoyable picture right.during this time we are required to make some money..we are only given RM the end we managed to get some money laa.but the amount is secret..this picture is in front the Taming Sari tower
yet another brainstoming activities,but i like it so much.this abount financial management and account..perghHH..
Picture of thousand HOPE. each one of us will become millionaire and help our economy especially our race.
we need BERSATU!! guys
spedat no 1 kalu posing..ish3x

 for those who does not know about KAKS..i feel that you missed the oppurtunity to become a great i am realizing all of you about our current situation.we are minority in our country in term of economic.

KAKS are establish to give basic knowledge about how to a start a business and  not only that it also instill the interest to be part of today entrepreneurship..i know that those whose read this essay will not have any effect for you..
but one phrase can indulgence all of you 'if not us who help ourselves who else will help us"
  • it included RP(rancangan perniagaan)
  • marketing Strategy
  • talks by the sucessful entrepreneurs
  • and LDk session that will unite all of us.

 though this time i really feel tired to this courses..anyway with my own interest in entrepreneurship  i joined it.

time really,now  im back at my college.writing on my new blog.actually what is KAKS??e experince time..
for me it was an one lif

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