Wednesday, December 29, 2010


assamualikum and a very good afternoon.Fuhh... it has already been two days after visiting Beijing..
for me i would think that this is best moment in my life and  I feel very lucky to go to beijing " THE HEART OF CHINA"

Well what should i talk abou: shopping? flight? experience? place of interest?  hoho so many to talk to.
i would like to talk about  beijing and its people. after going to beijing i think we are lucky as the malaysian Why??

the story begins at 16.december 2010.during this time i was talking to shu of our friends in BNU (Beijing Normal University).

Actually they are very good students.they are very concern about their academic and acievement in their life.they come far away from their own home to study in beijing shu xin live in guangxi and song live in chengdu. for your information br=eijing is the capital city of china and the population here is around 20 million.

here is some maps on china..
very big country

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