Sunday, January 9, 2011

The beginner for the young entrepreneur!!


well,have you ever heard the phrase a thousand step is begin with one step.that is what are going to do.
I as the entrepreneurship exco in second college woulusiness d like to share about the visit to the Gardenia Factory  a few days ago.The factory is located at shah alam  seksyen 23.

The Main objective of the trip.
1. to enhance KIOSK organization and to learn about marketing strategy. enhance relationship among the commitee
3. to make a business networking between Kolej Kedua and Gardenia

here are some pictures of them at Taman tasik Shah Alam

the pictures shown are the activity that was held at taman shah alam.the Ldk is about "marketing Strategy"
the group ared divided into 6 group
1.fluffy bun
2.choco raisin
7.the other group is me and alex
as the exco i would like to make every participant to know a little bit abou entrepreneurship.anentrepreneurs is someone who are inovative,competitive and good at looking opportunity.

from this trip.i will form another group "pasukan elit pemasaran KIOSK"
it will have 3 main department
a) The inovative and technology deparment
b)the marketing deparment
c)The decorative and interior designer
d)The agent in KTDI and KOSASS.

hopefully with the establishing of this will helps Kiosk to be more productive in term of sales,customer.
and upon that i would to introduce the new trade mark fo SKU
"cepat ,mudah dan mesra"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Dish to be remembered

tajiao hao..wo jiao fadzli. ni meng hao ma..
haha.. bercmandarin laa pulak

So today we are going to learn how to cook my delicious and favourite curry.what is curry and what does it taste like? hurm curry is one of the traditional dish in has a very unique flavour it taste spicy and usually cook with coconut c an be chicken,meat anf fish curry..yum..yum..

These are the steps to cooks my Mum currry which i like the most.

1.blend red onion and garlic untill smash.
2.then you heat up the oil.put the blended mixed onion together with 5  herbs such as jintan,biji sawi and others
3.after that you cook untill it become golden brown in colour and a wonderful aroma comes out.the you take the two packet of curyy BABAS and  put into its

4. stir it will need to add some water and the fish.usually we use tenggiri will costs you around RM 25.00 per kilo.very expensive. you will need to finish the curry ya..dont throw it..the you let it around 15 minutes for the fish to completely cook.

6. then,poured one packet of coconut milk(adabi) into it.and add some air asam jawa.
7.mixed it well and with gentle as we do not want the fish being smashed.
8.lastly put some salt to add flavour to the curry.

now the curry are ready to served..wo yaw curry!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Personality that builds China

HI ta jia hao,wo shi abam..
that it is a brief introduction of me in i will go deeper into knowing the friends that help 6 of us when we were in Beijing.

the first one,which i think the most closet to me.her name was shu xing and her english name is sindy.born on 15 November and she is the same age as harry.come from shiangxi which 2000 km from capital city.her father is a officer in broadcasting while her mother is an officer in a educational office.

 For me shu xin is very misunderstood this..haha..she is veery friendly and easy to get along with all of us..but i must admit that she is quite beatiful..wahhh.she has been talking a lot with me about her daily life and damily,life, friends and family and many mores.
 i guess i stop here about shuxin.btw shu xin means happiness.(her parents told her to always be happy in her life)

Next is Song Huimin.we called her ser jia(means senior)..and she often smiling when she heard we called her with that name.her age is around 24years old if i not mistaken.she is senior to shu xin.and will finish the study in jun 2011.she hope that after graduate she will get a job and ive for a few years in beijing and go back to her hometown to work..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


assamualikum and a very good afternoon.Fuhh... it has already been two days after visiting Beijing..
for me i would think that this is best moment in my life and  I feel very lucky to go to beijing " THE HEART OF CHINA"

Well what should i talk abou: shopping? flight? experience? place of interest?  hoho so many to talk to.
i would like to talk about  beijing and its people. after going to beijing i think we are lucky as the malaysian Why??

the story begins at 16.december 2010.during this time i was talking to shu of our friends in BNU (Beijing Normal University).

Actually they are very good students.they are very concern about their academic and acievement in their life.they come far away from their own home to study in beijing shu xin live in guangxi and song live in chengdu. for your information br=eijing is the capital city of china and the population here is around 20 million.

here is some maps on china..
very big country

Friday, December 10, 2010


Hurm..time really flies.
    the story begins when i woke up this ecah and I  went to Embassy of China to collect our visa.Alhamdulillah we got all the step done!!

along my JOurney i discovered so much thing..thing that cant be seen with naked eye..i bet you all will wonder waht actually it is..IT IS our  is kind of sad when i see most of the beggar at the Masjid Hang Tuah..most of them are malay.

but there is another view that really catch my eye.infront of the Masjid thereis a lot of shop..small shop.they are selling various type of  foods and it looks very delicious yum..yumm

the moral of the story
how are we going to change this phenomenon??
                                the answer is simple
  • learn as much as could to the highest level 
  • buang sikap iri hati sesama kita(jgn ada dengki mengdengki)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

kursus ASAS Keusahwanan siswa KAKS

what an enjoyable picture right.during this time we are required to make some money..we are only given RM the end we managed to get some money laa.but the amount is secret..this picture is in front the Taming Sari tower
yet another brainstoming activities,but i like it so much.this abount financial management and account..perghHH..
Picture of thousand HOPE. each one of us will become millionaire and help our economy especially our race.
we need BERSATU!! guys
spedat no 1 kalu posing..ish3x

 for those who does not know about KAKS..i feel that you missed the oppurtunity to become a great i am realizing all of you about our current situation.we are minority in our country in term of economic.

KAKS are establish to give basic knowledge about how to a start a business and  not only that it also instill the interest to be part of today entrepreneurship..i know that those whose read this essay will not have any effect for you..
but one phrase can indulgence all of you 'if not us who help ourselves who else will help us"
  • it included RP(rancangan perniagaan)
  • marketing Strategy
  • talks by the sucessful entrepreneurs
  • and LDk session that will unite all of us.

 though this time i really feel tired to this courses..anyway with my own interest in entrepreneurship  i joined it.

time really,now  im back at my college.writing on my new blog.actually what is KAKS??e experince time..
for me it was an one lif