Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Dish to be remembered

tajiao hao..wo jiao fadzli. ni meng hao ma..
haha.. bercmandarin laa pulak

So today we are going to learn how to cook my delicious and favourite curry.what is curry and what does it taste like? hurm curry is one of the traditional dish in has a very unique flavour it taste spicy and usually cook with coconut c an be chicken,meat anf fish curry..yum..yum..

These are the steps to cooks my Mum currry which i like the most.

1.blend red onion and garlic untill smash.
2.then you heat up the oil.put the blended mixed onion together with 5  herbs such as jintan,biji sawi and others
3.after that you cook untill it become golden brown in colour and a wonderful aroma comes out.the you take the two packet of curyy BABAS and  put into its

4. stir it will need to add some water and the fish.usually we use tenggiri will costs you around RM 25.00 per kilo.very expensive. you will need to finish the curry ya..dont throw it..the you let it around 15 minutes for the fish to completely cook.

6. then,poured one packet of coconut milk(adabi) into it.and add some air asam jawa.
7.mixed it well and with gentle as we do not want the fish being smashed.
8.lastly put some salt to add flavour to the curry.

now the curry are ready to served..wo yaw curry!!

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